Friday, July 28, 2006

Reader Mail #3

Submitted by that wily Anonymous again, 17 July 2006:

'Time to shave my balls.'

It just makes me laugh. Don't fucking judge me.


Anonymous said...

The doctors were fascinted by the results of Little Timmy's brain cancer. It was the most unusual case they had ever seen - the young lad was now competely unable to differentiate between clocks and hardcore pornography.

Anonymous said...

Timmy ran everything through his mind once again. Grandma was in the clock. The door to the clock was shut tight. The key to the clock was in his pocket. Everything was as he had planned it. And yet, something about the whole situation ... unsettled him.

Anonymous said...

"This week, Tom Cruise, our star in a reasonably priced car did it in...."

With bated breath Tom hoped that he'd at least beaten Nicole.

Anonymous said...

Little Harry wondered if he'd ever be able to hit the clock face with his semen. The only answer was to keep trying.

Unknown said...

This needs a T shirt