Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Oh, for the luvva...

So of course I get linked to from a couple of high-profile sites (now it's Metafilter), just in time for hordes of new visitors to show up and get told "I'm outta here". You knew, didn't you? This is all some kind of plot to get me to stay, I know it. You! Who are you working for? How did they get to you? Was it money, photos, drugs -- it was drugs, wasn't it?

OK, maybe it's coincidence.

In any case, I'm not swayed. I'll see you all in a while. Feel free to form some sort of death cult awaiting my return, if it makes you happy. Until then, keep watching the skies...

By "skies" I mean "RSS feeds".


Anonymous said...

It was the drugs.

Hopefully you'll see just how popular the site gets when you're not around.

The Sacred Order of the Secret Temple of the Monkey Fluids, LLC. Death cult...check.

Anonymous said...


There wus a geeza ere a momnt ago an he was writing some sorta dirty stuff abart fukin toffy skol grls frum teh thirtees

Now hez gon the shifty buggar.

Oil keep me criket bat out fer tht tosser I wil.

Freelancer said...

Too damn bad.
As a reader of PZ's and a fan of offbeat dark humor, it must be my responsibility to say.
You're too frakking funny to go away.

Deal with it.
(love the site BTW)