Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Knock Knock

'Hi, we're the Bicurious Plumbers - we've come to check out your pipes...' Living in the Land of Porn wasn't so great. Sometimes all Jeeves wanted was to just get the fucking toilet fixed.


Anonymous said...

(Muffled Voice:)"Is this the Hotel Maramont?"
(Muffled Voice:)"The Ventriloquists' Annual Ball?"
(Butler:) "Which one of you said that?"
(Muffled Voice:)'Which one of us said what?"
(Butler:) "You're doing it again, what exactly do you want?"
(Muffled VOice:) "What exactly do you want?"
(Butler:) "Look if you're selling something, I don't want it."
(Attractive Female:)"Look I think we should start again. Is the the Hotel Maramont and are you holding the Ventriloquists' Annual Ball?"
(Butler:) "No, Darling, but If you want to sit on my hand, I guarantee I can make you pull some seriously funny faces.."
(Muffled voice:) "Who said that?"

Anonymous said...

"Good morning and how are we today sir?"

"Fuck off!"

"Now, now there's no need to be like that. Could I ask which telecoms firm you are with?"

"Fuck off!"

"Only we're currently offering some very good deals on broadband packages"

"Fuck off!"

"And if you were to switch today we could offer you this beautiful reproduction carriage clock with our complements..."

"Fuck off!"

"...and a blow job."


"From Nigel here."

"Fuck off!"

hillhunt said...

"Mr Nixon? We're the FBI. We have some questions about Watergate..."

"Is Deep Throat involved?"

"My gag reflex usually kicks in, but if it's a deal-breaker, I'm game...."

Ed said...

Watch it stripey-pants! Even though you've opened the door, I'm gonna air-knock again, just to show you who's who.

Reverend Frag said...

Ever since they ran the Yakuza out of the cookie racket, the Girl Scouts of Sicilia sold more cookies than all the other international chapters combined.

Col Wilson said...

"Tell the master I'm back and I've brought another one for the dungeon."