Friday, August 31, 2007

The Past Had it Coming

Time once again to derive comedy mileage from the mundane fact that words don't quite mean what they used to sometimes:

'It looks as if she's just made a hole and stuck this thing, whatever it is, in. But it's a crazy thing to do. She must be a bit queer.' 'Don!' ejaculated Susan, horrified.

This one has the trifecta of "queer", "ejaculate" and an easily construed sexual innuendo! If only they'd managed to work "prophylactic" in there somehow, there'd be nothing left for me to do. Like, ever.


Anonymous said...

bet you've gandered through
Finnegans Wake
where all is
sex and death

haven't you

Josh said...

I don't read. Books give you cancer.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I is possible to make Susan ejaculate. But it takes hard work and dedication. And you have to be there when it happens, or else she will deny it.