Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Consume, You Fucks!

Alright, have it your way -- Monkey Fluids consumables are available at cafepress.com. (All prices in $US -- imperialist swine...)

Currently featuring designs from the first strip and also this one -- I'll probably add one or two others. I may even respond to requests (bearing in mind that as I'm a cheap bastard who's only using a free account, I can only have one image per type of product).

Oh, and if I end up getting sued until it comes out green as a result of this, I'm taking you all with me.


Anonymous said...

If, when you get sued, someone yells out in court: "You stole my monkey," then it'll all be worth it.

Well, for me, anyway. But then I won't be the one being dragged off to the poor-house...


Anonymous said...

Hey, don't loads of people get away with calling items they're found and written on "art?" Can't you just claim creative ownership?

Anonymous said...

Hey, if it's public domain, you're golden.