Friday, May 12, 2006

Double Hockeysticks

'Offside? Offside?! You take that back or I'll strangle this giant earthworm to death ritgh here in frotn of its fucking children!'

Note to pedants: The original post was titled "You can't improve on perfection" -- I obviously can.


Anonymous said...

"You crazy bitch, put down the stick, the Midwich Cuckoos was a work of fiction!"
"Its too they come!!"

Anonymous said...

"Go on, have a go. It's by the same guy that invented the rubriks cube!"


John P Davies said...

'So, you are playing an imaginary keyboard and your friends have no legs? And you are telling me all I need from life is contained in this umbrella? I am sorry you are still going to need a ticket.'

Cunningham said...

"See! You just fit this attachment on the end here and you're ready for a weekend of fun. Batteries are included."