Monday, June 26, 2006

He likes little cakes -- Na-a-a!

'Damn it, ladies -- I'm not dead! Stop eating my little cakes!' 'Oh, don't listen to Henry -- that's just the zombification. I'll be destroying his brain presently, don;t you worry.'


Anonymous said...

"Mommy, I've gone poopy!"

Anonymous said...

"He said he'd seen sea bream glittering at the Tannhauser Gate. And then..?"

"Time to diet."

"Damn. The Chubby Chaser upgrade still isn't working. Phoebe, get me Decker."

Anonymous said...

Margaret, don't you think an urn on the mantelpiece would have been more ... appropriate?

Nonsense! With the wheels on the coffin it's a breeze to move him around, and the embalmer said that as long as I keep him out of the rain he'll be good for at least ten years.

Tim said...

"Ladies? Hello, ladies?

I'm touching myself.

Would anyone like man-jam with their scones?"

Maffu said...

Young Master Hawking began to think that this dating malarkey wasn't all it was cracked up to be. He longed to be back home with his beloved Physics books.

Anonymous said...

"Don't look Debbie, but that man in the dressing gown and wheelbarrow is behind you again!"

"Don't worry Betty - he's just after my bakewell tart and iced buns."

Anonymous said...

"So then I thought, 'Next time I'll push him from the third floor'."

"Um... I'm right here."

Anonymous said...

"Look, we all agreed we needed something big and stiff to play with. And as soon as soon as I go out and get it, all you do is nitpick...."

Anonymous said...

"But isn't it time he was out of that pram and walking on his own"

"Oh he's been working in the City for the last ten years, but men are filthy, filthy things. I'll not let him out of there without his nappy on. ... Are you playing with yourself again!! Cecelia fetch the straps. ... You horrible, dirty boy!"

"sob ... Oh I wish you'd been a nice little girl"