Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Sex and Death (bots)

These sexbots were the worst yet -- their stiff movements and cold, dead eyes made it utterly impossible for Timothy to achieve an erection. With a sigh, he reached for the Self Destruct button...


Anonymous said...

Charlotte now knew for certain that Freddy was not the master of the erotic arts he had claimed to be.

"When I say: 'Go down on me babycakes'," she hissed. "You are not supposed to plant your face in the pastries."

Anonymous said...

With the girls clearly tripping wildly, Michael hid the remaining LSD tab under the table.
However, the fun night he had planned would be soon cut short as Linda reached forth to pull his face from his skull in the belief that he was in fact an oversized banana.

Anonymous said...

"Honey, leave it."
"But -"
"I said leave it."
"It's still good. Ten second rule right? I'll blow on it."
"It's touched the ground. Just eat one off the table."
"Why are you so uptight?"
"Monkey. Fluids."
"Oh. Here?"
"That's right."
"May have a napkin?"
"Yes you may."

Anonymous said...

"You're scared of real women and...look! You're even wearing a wig!"


"And I bet your real name isn't Gary Glitter, either."


Anonymous said...

"What! You're gay!"
"No shut the fuck up! You've been sleeping with the both of us for the last ten years....FUCK YOU Archie!!!.....You and Jughead can rot."

Anonymous said...

"Gracious! Our friendly banter about pruning hydrangeas has made him turn into The Hulk again! Quick, Muriel, break out the XXXL condoms!"