Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Gratuitous Pop Culture Reference #D

Alzheimers eventually took its toll on Indy. 'But if that's my whip in the basket, then what... Aw, shitcakes.'

I did have another caption for this one, but I figured I better get in with the Indy reference before everyone else does.


Anonymous said...

Andy was familiar with the snake and the african tribesmen while travelling home shit-faced on the bus. But the small Disney character crawling out of his Y-fronts was a new and disturbing development.

Neil Willcox said...

"Well son, this Monkey Fluids tour of the UK has been well worth every penny. We've seen that traditional Shropshire bunny dance, the Dorset downhill bike race and now this Olde Worlde Penzance snake wrestling! No one back home will believe this."

"So why have you got your gun out Pa?"

"This ain't a gun - it's a brand new 10 megapixel digital cam... Christ it is a gun, and I gave that kid my best umbrella for it."

Anonymous said...

As the native aborigines watched, Aussie Jones swung the highly venomous Death Adder at the extremely lethal Poison Dart Frog .

"There's an opening on Animal Planet", huffed Jones, "and by snakee I'm going for it!"

Anonymous said...

Hey boys! This snake play is getting boring. What say we go and take a dive with the sting rays?

Anonymous said...

The man is mad! Shoot him before he tries to go for Terry the Tiger's tail! That would be ugly, my son.

Anonymous said...

The tribesmen looked on with amazement as, with most of the deadly giant squid just out of the frame, Garth Hardly ripped one of the krakens tentacles off in his bare hands.

'Let me teach you boys my best recipe for calamari' he boasted.

Anonymous said...

Back in the early days of rhythmic gymnastics, a score of 9.6 really meant something.

Anonymous said...

"Pappa, Van Helsing has the situation under control, put the gun down. It's just a snake."
" A snake that casts no Shadow young Etanwu?"
"My god Pappa you're right! Erm..what does that make it then?"
"Probably some sort of vampire snake!"
"I thought that was reflections?"
" Err yes,..Shadows and reflections! Actually now you mention it, I'm..oh bugger It's bitten him. Go and get his wallet Etanwu, we must purchase broadband and investigate this further".

Craig! said...

Before belts were invented, South African Schoolmasters had to get creative with their disciplinary measures.
Of course, we have belts NOW, but then, Headmaster Tootenhausen is a dick.