Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Comic #100: Everything New is Old Again

The treacle had been deployed - in moments, a swarm of flesh-eating wasps would exact Gracie’s terrible revenge on Timmy, but everyone would blame Kilty McChimp, the lovable Caledonian ape. Feigning horror, she congratulated herself on the perfect crime...

So this is number 100. More or less -- the count gets a bit messy when you decide whether or not to include ones like this or this. Regardless, I say this is the century comic and my word is law.

I was thinking about packing it in once I reached 100, but then you fuckers start saying things like:

In recent months, Monkey Fluids ... has risen from the muddy depths of the web to become one of the best satirical and pseudo-educational comic strips out there.
And, well, my ego's just too big to pass that sort of stuff up. I will, however, take a short break (I'm thinking a week or two) while I take a breather and work on the next hundred fifty bunch. When I return, I'll probably cut the posting frequency back to two a week as well.

Your instructions while I'm gone are twofold:
  1. Learn how to use an RSS reader -- they're built in to all the modern browsers. That way, you won't have to keep checking the site to see if I'm back. There's that syndication link for the LiveJournal-inclined also.
  2. Nominate, in the comments for this post or via e-mail, your favourite comic out of the first hundred. The CafePress merchandise could do with updating, and I want to know which designs are most popular...
Right, back in a bit.


Anonymous said...

The monkey overlords of New Scotland allow their human slaves to leave their cages on Umbrella Day, whereupon they are doused in "mayonaisse" by an elected marshall.

Anonymous said...

Simian Fashionista *Bubbles* knew just what was needed to liven up this dull ass party. Greased up Wet Hot White Boys!!!!

Unknown said...

"Denny, you're done. The agreed punishment is a bucket of page sperm poured over your head. It's my job now," yelled Nancy.

The first names used are only coincidentally the same as the soon former and future speakers of the house.

Anonymous said...

The Zombie Exterminators training school was having trouble with the new recruit. It was a breakthrough that his DNA made him immune to the virus, but he still couldn't get the hang of the "Go for the head" command.

"No, no, no Jock! Look try again with these next two, and use your shotgun this time."

Neil Willcox said...

"Kilty - what are you doing to Timmy the internet cartoon critic?"

"Something satirical and pseudo-educational!"

"Do you even know what that means?"

Anonymous said...

Per instructions, while my favorite comic is undoubtably the infamous "Helen Keller," another I would gladly adorn myself with was the "owls!" from April 12.