Thursday, September 20, 2007

From One Cult to Another

'Sweet Christ, a shoggoth!' 'I'm pretty sure it's a monkey.' 'An eldritch monkey, bringing with it foul portents of chthonic entities and squamous doom's approach from beyond the stars?' ' No, just a monkey. Why' 'Um... no reason.'


RSJS said...

Doom has scales now?

Josh said...

Yeah -- the Muppet fur wasn't generating the right response. Doom pays attention to its focus groups.

Anonymous said...

My DNA test! Now I'll never know if I'm male or female!

boingy said...

"HEY!! Thats my VIRGINITY!"


"Forget the monkey, and SCISSOR ME!"

Anonymous said...

First "Les Miserable" - the musical; now "The Collected Works of Edgar Allen Poe" - as a pantomime populated by ex-Neighbours actors.

These are indeed the last days of civilisation.

Unknown said...

Johnny, what did we take? I have a catalog stuck to my thumb and an imaginary monkey thingy is running off with the rent check!!

Anonymous said...

Answer me this, Josh:

How did the book get behind her hand if it is moving in the direction of the motion trails?

Why is the monkey looking directly at the camera? Are they on the set of the new Indiana Jones movie, "Indiana Jones and the Monkey Stolen Envelope"?

Why is the individual on the right (I can't say boy, because that's some effeminate hair, and they're wearing what looks like flats or Keds, neither of which should ever be worn by men) paying absolutely no attention to the monkey running off with the envelope?

What position were these people in before the monkey came along? It's almost like they were sitting in each other's laps simultaneously while hovering a handful or two of inches off the ground.

Where are they? It appears they are sitting in a circus ring, and that would explain (vaguely) how the monkey got there. If that's the case, why the hell would kids be sitting around reading a book in a circus ring?

What's in the envelope isn't important. What is important is who trained the monkey to steal envelopes?

Ed said...

First the postman trains the monkey to steal envelopes as tragedy, second he trains the stuffed monkey as farce.

Anonymous said...

There's a joke in there about french letters but you probably never heard of the monkey that was thought to be what a frenchman looks like.

Dan said...

"Ha ha ha! That monkey just flew out of my butt. Unbutton your blouse!"


"I'm tired of studying. Let me see your boobs."

"When monkey's fly out of your butt! Now let's go over Pythagoras again."