Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Geek Bait

The Hipster class was a surprise addition to the Wrath of the Lich King expansion. Able to equip armour from the Polo Neck and Plaid categories, their +5 bonus against Modern Jazz made them a popular choice with new and experienced players alike.


Exick said...

I've just caught up. Just in time for a new one I see.

And I have alternate suggestions. File it under Topical Like a Year Ago:
"Of course I'll hold your weapon, Mr. Vice President. So how's the hunting to--hey, where'd he go?"

Anonymous said...

Overweight, short-sighted, and flatulent in accounts "Fancy a shag?"

Clinically obese, chocolate addict, virgin in credit control "Take me big boy"

Second Life - For those who've given up.

Col Wilson said...

Somewhere in the university quarter, the students from the wrong side of town just got bored. No one remembers, but it was probably one of the stoned art students that suggested ram-raiding random shops and doing something "groovy" with the mannequins.

So was born the "Camberwell College of Arts Abstract Ram-Raiding Exhibition".

Anonymous said...

As they headed back to the boathouse, Elliot coughed slightly and turned to Ashley. "I say, Ashley," he began. "Peeling off from the hunting party for a snog in the woods is all good fun, but a bit uncomfortable, what? I mean, what with all the pine-needles, bits of gravel and such."
Ashley smiled quietly to herself, as she imagined Elliot's pale public-school skin streaked red with the marks of her cruel lash. Bits of gravel would be the least of Elliot's worries soon.

Anonymous said...

"Why, yes, my rifle is somewhat larger than that one. And I suppose it is capable of shooting either blanks or genuine ammunition. Why do you ask?"

Master Mahan said...

The Wachowski Brothers, seen here scouting locations for their upcoming film, Speed Racer.

RSJS said...

"You know, I could suck the chrome right off your rifle barrel" said Dirk
"Silly, I already have!" said the silver-toothed Sarah.

...and then there was The Fucking.

(Dammit Josh you're right, it's the downhill slide. Wheeee...)

Anonymous said...

"Those hooters kept me up all night"
Said Dirk.
"Don't worry," replied Sarah "I'll have them covered with a single shot."
In the trees two owls suppressed a snigger....
"I'll probably nod off quite quickly after that..." replied Dirk