Tuesday, October 09, 2007


'It's true! A bull has given birth! To a fully-dressed man!!' 'The End Times are upon us.'


RSJS said...

"Go on Ferdinand" said sadistic Farmer McGregor, "Get your mighty rape on with young Percy here. We'll be the darlings of Youtube for this one".

Anonymous said...

"It now depends on who is the fastest to find out who's the chap who thinks that if he can't see us, we can't see him.... us or the two-legged bull."

Dan said...

Yeah, what RSJS said. I hate it when I'm too late to be the first to post the most obvious LOLsex caption.

boingy said...

yea its been done but i cant resist:

"And THAT is why that bull is named 'the violator'"


"Ya see, timmy is a man now"


"johnny always thought joining the cult of mithras involved killing a bull.

he was wrong"

Anonymous said...

Major Chomley-Warner "There he is Captain. The man who fell to earth."

Space Captain Carstairs "Pity he missed the hay-stack"

Bull (with best Barry White voice) "Get out of here you mother-fuckers. I was just about to gettit onnnn wid ma herd."