Tuesday, October 16, 2007


'Whatever is that awful noise?' 'Well, that's the sound of your parents being gored by wild pigs. Now they're being wound-raped by albino mimes. And that noise in the background is me laughing like a fucking howler monkey. Steal my dolly, will you, bitch?'

Also: Heh.


Apathy Jack said...

Sweet Jesus.

For showing me that link, you're going to hell in a toboggan.

The one respite you may get is that the track you'll be luge-ing down will be paved with the people from that livejournal community.

Not to pick on individuals or anything, but I loved the guy who said of Monkey Fluids: "my response was definitely, 'ewww' and then some"; and then proceeded to complain, at length, about the lack of updates of stories features Robbie Coltraine having violent sex with Alan Rickman.

Now, I'm as big a fan of fat hairy guys getting some action as the next guy, but I'm not going to get precious about other people not wanting me to blog about it...

Anonymous said...

"Hagrid, the polyjuice potion is wearing off. Your chin is beginning to sprout."

"Quick Snape. One more scissor movement before it's too late"

Dan said...

"Oh my God! I ate a carrot!"

"You filthy pig! Look at you - you're disgusting! You better take a laxative and run 10 miles. I am NOT going to be seen hanging out with a lardass like you."

warren said...

"My God ... the ... the voices! The voices! The voices in my head are coming from that accursed device born of the nethermost withers of Satan's concubine!"

"No, Trixie, it's just a Gramophone."

"Oh? Well, that's all right then."

Anonymous said...

As Tom Cruise removed the latex mask, Matilda recoiled in horror as she remembered the mutual masturbation sessions in the summer-house.

Anonymous said...

Trixie leaned back on the table with a smug look.
"I shall remove the invisible noose from your neck just as soon as you admit that the new Radiohead sounds better on vinyl than mp3" she said.

Josh said...

Is that a reference to the first one, or I am I just spookily prescient?

Anonymous said...

yes and...yes