Thursday, December 13, 2007

It's Just Common Sense

Even though the landmines were clearly marked, it was safest to send the children in first to make sure.


Vicus Scurra said...

Letitia explained to Kevin that she needed just two more testicles to complete the magic ring.

Anonymous said...

"And after Daddy's company cuts down all the trees, there'll be all these great big houses around the golf course just like this!"

Anonymous said...

With the last piece of blessed bread and virgin blood, the pentacle was complete. Now the believers could summon to honour the devil.

Anonymous said...

"There we are. I told you I had a nice ring. What do you think? Do tell me you like it. I promise I've not shown it to anyone else."

"Well I thought.... sort of.... well.... Oh never mind. Yes it's a lovely ring."

Obvious sometimes works.

Erik said...

"And now when the fairies want to dance they'll know where to come!" said Emily in a voice tinkling with silvery laughter. "And all you have to do to see them is eat one of those mushrooms over there."

Anonymous said...

Isn't that picture from one of the magic faraway tree books.

paahtoleipä said...

The old and broken well was RIGHT where it always have been. Annie dropped the small sharp stone right in the head of the nanny.

You can never be too sure!

Anonymous said...

With a pneumatic sigh, the lid of the silo fitted back perfectly. The two dwarfs looked at each other.

"That was an SS-30 SABRE" said Kurt. "The Mk 2 had three warheads with a yeild of 150 kilotons. Solid-fuelled. It may still work".

Inga shook her head. "But the SS-20 was launched from vehicles. They were not launched from silos. And anyhow Moscow would never have put the silos in East Germany."

"Strange, isn't it? It should not exist, yet here it is. Fate has delivered it to us. Fate... or destiny? I have long had a dream of establishing a separate state - a homeland for dwarves."

"Destiny, Kurt - do not doubt it". Inga's eyes shone strangely. "Destiny has given us this tool, and there will be others. And when we have them, we shall rain terror from a clear sky on all that laugh at our height. And we shall have our land".