Thursday, January 17, 2008

This One's for Chris

Drama in the Land of Porn: 'Well I've got my hands on the writhing serpent and now I'm all wet - care to join me?' 'Join you? It's a fucking snake - get it away from me, you mad bitch!'


Anonymous said...

"I think my wand is totally fucked" said Hermionie.
"You mean I'm fucking stuck like this" replied the kangaroo.

Anonymous said...

"Drown it!" cried the girl "Drown that ugly, horrible, slimy monster!"

"With a dress made of rhubarb leaves you might want to be careful passing fashion judgments. Also I think I might need your help with this one" the snake exclaimed.

Erik said...

Anna and Eve in the Garden, waterboarding the serpent - "Now, for the last time, where's that fucking apple?!"


"OK, fine, I'll *prove* it doesn't taste like chicken."


"Don't stare at Gorgo like that. It makes him nervous."

Ed said...

"That's not a dragon and you look more like Prince Valiant then Saint George, you freak!"

Anonymous said...

"Oh yea, this is the one," exclaimed Mirabelle.

"This one's going right square in the ole' vaginer."

Anonymous said...

Episode 4 of the new children's programme "Sammy The Snake" and Sammy was half way through spelling out "Three children trapped down the mine at Wollamalloo, send help quick".

Dreams of a second series were disappearing quicker than the attention span of the target audience.

Anonymous said...

Very early, when all we Big People are still tucked in our beds, the Used Condom fairy goes around the public parks, making sure everything is ready for the coming day.

From 'Flower Fairies - the lost codex'.