Thursday, April 03, 2008

Archaic Pop Culture Reference

'Yes, I can see you were here -- you still are! An dyour name's not Kilroy.'

Ask your parents.


gloomchen said...

Archaic OR hysterical.

You're wondering who I am.
Machine or Mannequin.
With parts made in Japan.
I am the Modren Man!

Profitable Conundrum said...

“Like this, Billy? Is this all I do?”

“Yeah, that’s all you do,” he snickered, trying to keep a straight face. “Now, just stay there like that until the owner gets back. heh heh

“Boy, house sitting is sure an easy way to make money!”

Little Billy stared in disbelief. God, was she ever dumb!

Ed said...

"I don't think it's so butch William, I think it's really quite smart-looking. The tie puts me in mind of Father's regimental tie, anyway."

amc32 said...

Kilroy: 'Do you hold more with an anti-essentialist ontology and consequent epistemological theoretical base as set out by Foucault and others in the postmodern school, or do your sympathies lie more with the reconfiguration of the enlightenment project, seeking a new rebirth of human value systems and forms, as set out most notably by Jurggen Habermas in his theory of ideal communication and beyond?'

Sally: 'W - T - F ?, just fetch me a bloody ladder you twat'

Anonymous said...

"Wot! No Mokuba?"

Anonymous said...

"Come on, David - you can't be stuck. It's easy: once you grab the ridge, you can just pull and wriggle the rest of the way through the skylight. I did it in no time".

David stared straight ahead, and tried to breathe slowly and deeply. He tried to ignore Jennifer and her legs, and think hard about cold water, fresh air, and healthy exercise - anything to reduce his monster hard-on...

AFPOE said...

"Ride a cock house to Banbury Cunts," Liddy started.

Catching the drift, Marby followed, glint in his eye. "To see a fine twat upon a white house," he rasped

"With rings in her her nipples and bells in her holes," Liddy sighed.

"She shall have mmmmm wherever she goes," Marby panted, and panted, and panted.

"God, you're such a fuck-up Marby! Can't you just let me finish for once." God, how Liddy hated him.

Anonymous said...

"Get it? ON the house - right? get it? ON the HOUSE...ON it...the HOUSE...ON the house...Funny, right? Right?"

It was NOT at all funny...

Anonymous said...

This one is from my wife:

"Becky, when I said I wanted you to straddle something big, I did not mean the house!"