Thursday, May 31, 2007

Obvious Week II: Obvious Harder

Something about fisting. With, like, shortening.

Lest it be said that I don't learn from my mistakes...


Anonymous said...

"Have you noticed that obvious week is all about smut my dear?"

"Indeed Major. Now just bend over there's a good fellow."

Anonymous said...

"Major, I said I could choke your chicken with the aid of some lard" chortled Millicent.
"Ho" replied the Major "I thought you mentioned a 'Mallard'"
"Well you certainly chocked the fuck out of it, whatever sub-genus of the duck species the poor creature happened to be." giggled Millicent rolling down her sleeve. "I still want my ten guineas, though", she nearly said, before realizing that it would probably lead to more innocent birdlife getting wasted by this pervert.
The Major left her to it singing: "Egrets, I've had few...." to the tune of 'I Did It My Way" God I'm bored. Does anyone have any whisky?

Anonymous said...

"my what a large mis-shapen penis u have"

Anonymous said...

Lee Lee you are so punny

vincenzo said...

"So you want me to take this figurine of Florence Henderson made from shortening and stick it at least knuckle deep into your bum and yell...It's a Crisco Coup D'etat?"

"Ahhhh...well...I always dreamed that Carol Brady would fist me with know?"

"Yeah, Yeah...whatever...and I get that goosestick that you promise hasn't been in your ass?"