Friday, June 01, 2007

Obvious Week II: The Obviousening


Acknowledgements to Hewligan and, of course, Jeremy Slater.

And that's another Obvious Week out of the way. Feel cleansed? I know I do.


Anonymous said...

"Well Fido, according to your horoscope your going to get the sun in Uranus..."


vincenzo said...


Anonymous said...

"Ab American Werewolf in Brandon"

Anonymous said...

[realised I might as well post this here as in the older version]

"Hey look... it says here in the papers that the Woolvesworth Werewolf Virus has mutated into an airborne state!”

“Indeed, Timmy? Then I suppose that my breathing heavily into your ear in what I would like to consider an irresistibly sensual manner has already infected you, and that nothing I could possibly do next would make matters worse…?”

“Rufus, please. We both know that you carry a few more diseases than that up your furry old sleeve.”

Bil said...

"'Allies advance'?? Grim news for you my experimental nazi-werewolf chum, but as for myself, it's back to plan B, ditch the Hitler youth and make a bid for the papacy."

Apathy Jack said...

"Feel cleansed?"

Oddly, no.

Anonymous said...

I <3 obvious week ^_^
Somehow, it's actually funnier when you know what's coming

...Is rape dog rabid, and will he eat the little boy after sex??

Anonymous said...

"Well Mrs Blenkinsop they said in the shop they're an intelligent breed, but there's something unnerving about the way it can roll its own with just the one hand. And sometimes I get the feeling it's undressing me with its eyes..... Still they're inseparable so I don't have the heart......."

"And what's with the toaster Mrs Jones?"