Friday, October 13, 2006

Cruelty to Accents

Gentlemen gangsters Rory and “Shooter” McCready were largely unsuccessful in their attempts to extract protection money from local potplants: 'Cough up the fahking dosh, you leafy cahnt!' 'I ‘ope the rest of you shrubs is watching this—see what ‘appens to vegetation wot finks it’s ‘ard. Let ‘im have it, ‘Shooter’.'


Anonymous said...



“No, no, dear boy, hhhhydrangea”


“Look this is no good, you’ll never get into the Grattan catalogue at this rate”

“Shat it yoo slag. ‘oos got the bleedin’ shooter. Nar facking git on wiv it or you’ll not be pointin’ aimlessly in eny more poncy fotos.”

“Ok, ok. Lets try Hollyhocks.”


“Good fucking grief”

Anonymous said...

I hope you know how to use that thing Ginger--if the wind changes and those fucking dole bludgers get a wiff of our cannabis plantation we'll be forced to significantly reduce the national job seeker statistics.