Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Reader Mail #4

Submitted by someone calling himself MrPerson, 1 April 2006:

There were so many things in the soil. Josie knew it, because she heard them screaming all the time. She just had to shut them up.


Anonymous said...

The young starlet turned her head at EXACTLY the moment the zombie hands sprang out of the dirt.

Soon she will lose all her clothes, a zombie will end up with a garden fork in its eye, and she will be impaled on the jagged glass of the shed window, whilst her entrails become a tasty snack for the remaining monsters.

The remake of Casablanca was going well.

Anonymous said...

Rosie regretted last nights chicken vindaloo as what she hoped would be a silent fart turned into something more, 'Gardeners World:- live 1948' would never be the same again.