Monday, October 23, 2006

Timmy Points

'Look, Mummy -- killer bees! Thousands of them!' 'Don't point Timmy -- pointing gives you cancer.' 'But...' 'Cancer. Back in the cupboard.'


Noah Brand said...

They were all very happy in the new house, even if they couldn't quite remember how they'd gotten there. Then Timmy noticed that the windows were just painted on, and they started to get concerned. Then they looked for a door that led to the outside, and the bad stuff started.

Anonymous said...

"But Mummy it's snowing"

Mummy desparately tried to coax Timmy towards her, hoping he wouldn't turn round and see the multiple mouthed alien creature floating behind him.

Anonymous said...

"Mommy! look what i shat on today!"

Anonymous said...

"Hey they're filming bukkake!"

Anonymous said...


The book opened at THAT particular page, and the hot-cross bun hidden behind the curtain could only point in one direction – Nursey was the killer.

"Here Timmy, have your hot milk"

Desparately he attempted a diversion "Look it's snowing!"

"It's been snowing for days, foolish boy"

"Yes" Nursey thought , "and we'll be cut off from the village soon..."

Neil Willcox said...

"There's a guy over there who can't draw feet" shouted Timmy "Stop him! He's getting away!"

"Stop him yourself."

"Have you tried running with legs like these?"