Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Timmy Points Again

'Look, Mummy - the risen Christ! And he’s brought my new kidney!'<br />'That sounds like the brain tumours talking, Timmy. Back in the kennel.'

Yeah, I'm doing a thing -- it's the owls all over again.


Anonymous said...

"Fuck me! Those cunts next door have made a much fucking bigger snowman than mine. And they've got bastard SPADES as well. You'd better get ME a buggering spade, Nanny you bitch!"

"Now, now, Timmy. You know it's rude to point"

Neil Willcox said...

"Mummy, Mummy! It's snowing! Can I go out and play? Even though I shat all over the table at your dinner party last night?"

"Of course you can sweetikins."

"But I'm wearing shorts! Won't I catch my death of cold?"

"Run along now."

Anonymous said...

Timmy thought how pleased mummy would be with the pretty patterns he'd drawn on the window with the contents of his nappy.

(Note : This actually happened, but names have been changed to protect the guilty. And I -erm- he was only two at the time, OK?)