Friday, January 05, 2007

The Foetid Stench of Capitalism

Yeah, so there are some ads over on the right now. I'm currently diggin' on Project Wonderful -- it combines the competitive allure of eBay with the exposure and self-aggrandisement of MySpace!

Of course, since it goes by competing bids, not paying per click, the chances of me making anything from it are contingent on more than four people wanting to advertise here at once. Not looking hopeful. Nevertheless, click an ad or two to support what looks to be a very nifty system, and look for Monkey Fluids buttons popping up on sites considerably more popular than this one.


T.S. said...

hope it pays off for you

Auntie Marga said...

Pictures, damn it, we want more pictures.

Unknown said...

Whew. At first glance (and only a first one),I thought this was an attempt to make a blog without a picture. Not a good business model.