Thursday, January 25, 2007

Genre Parody

'Who the fuck is this?' 'It's cool -- Josie sent me.' 'Bullshit -- this is a fucking setup! I smell bacon -- you a cop, bitch?' 'Hey, fuck you! I got your shit right here. Now are you going to tell the twins to put down their racquets so we can so some business or what?'


Anonymous said...

Master Splinter:"Boys, I beleive we may have been infiltrated by a Foot Army spy."
Donatello:"Why would you think such a bogus thought, Master Splinter?"
Master Splinter:"Because there should only be 4 of you, you f*cking idiot!"

Anonymous said...

"Is this the room for breast implants?"

"Yes and if you shut the fucking door I'll be able carry on explaining the chart on the wall to these other losers."

dialmformetcalfe said...

"Who's there? Repent your sins!" cried Sofie, the new girl from Kansas.

Harriet, standing on the table, bade the others shut up. If they were quiet enough then the annoying blind God squadder would take her little bible and leave again. If not, they would have another tennis-racquet murder on their conscience.

Anonymous said...

"Who let small head in?"

Anonymous said...

Another meeting of the Junior Man Haters Club.

"...and then by repeatedly beating each other with these raquets we can keep our developing breasts suitably flat, thereby ensuring no man will find us attractive."
There's a diagram on the wa.... Oh for God's sake Millicent! Shut the door, we can't see!"

Anonymous said...

It was a classic 3 way stand-off:
Tennis players against shoulder riders;
Pig-tail sitters against pig-tail standers;
Black light groovy art against regular light circle art;
No doubt about it: School Girl Rumble.

Anonymous said...

"Erotic fiction is down the hall, this is racquet fucking" said the one in the middle.

The Rev. Jenner J. Hull said...

Stick with the original...