Saturday, February 10, 2007

I Am So Alone

OK, over the past almost-year, I've signed Monkey Fluids up to a number of different online services and networks. Here, for the benfit of anyone who happens to frequent one or more of them, is a run down of Monkey Fluids' web "presence":

The Monkey Fluids MySpace page
Monkey Fluids at ComicSpace
Monkey Fluids on Facebook
Monkey Fluids at (with auto-generated net-whoring page)
Monkey Fluids Cafepress shop #1
Monkey Fluids Cafepress shop #2
Monkey Fluids adspace on Project Wonderful
The Monkey Fluids LiveJournal Syndication

And finally, the time Warren Ellis linked to me, thereby fuelling a decade of involuntary erections on my part.


Anonymous said...

I first came here because of that Warren Ellis post! Glad to see it's kept you ... er, *amused* for so long 0_0


Anonymous said...

I too am here only due to the Wisdom of the mighty Ellis.
I also found a link to you from here:
which has to be a more... Bizarre recommendation

Anonymous said...

We are sooooo going to be new BFF. Warren who?


John Cowan said...

I too had never heard of Warren Ellis before this moment.

CAPTCHA: qjnxnazi. Hmm.

Anonymous said...

Don't know who Warren Ellis is?

Go to and order the first few installments of "Transmetropolitan."