Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Nature Can Be Cruel

'Look, Daisy -- another rape victim!' 'Poor thing. We should help.' 'No, no. If we touch it, the mother won't want it back.'


Hewligan said...

"Oh, Milly, it's just what I wanted for my birthday!"

"Shall I fetch the electrodes, enormous butt-plug and lube?"

"Silly! Why would I want lube?"

Anonymous said...

"Tara I've found another willing competitor!"

"Thank you Janette, I shall enjoy this challenge. Care to take witness?"

Janette looked on while Tara stroked her erect masked luchador at the thought of another conquest.

hillhunt said...

The girls had never been comfortable with the noises from the back yard whenever Roxanne invited them round for tea. But why oh why would Michael Hutchence's secret daughter keep this boring man in her shed?

Anonymous said...

"And every day at 12:30 we have to threaten the personal banker in the shed."

"How do we do it?"

"Open the door, grab the oddly placed doorknob, shake the bottle of champagne at him and then gently kick him in the head."


"Dude! I said gently! Crap, is that brain?"

Anonymous said...

Emma was shocked at the look of pure hatred on the face of her chum. - So the Head was a bit of a letch, but did he really deserve My Chemical Romance superglued to his ears?

Enzio Pesta said...

You're a sick girl, Daisy. And you need help! That "man" you have hidden in here isn't really man, IS HE?...Speak up, woman! I can help you. I truly can. But first you have to admit you have a problem...

Anonymous said...

"five more minutes at gas mark 5 should do it Barbra"

"righyto ho Sandra! Delia's new cookbook ain't half inventive!"