Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Insert Pun on the Word "Clubbing"

Gordon was relieved - he'd arrived before the club bunnies could drop their party pills and start another rave in the greenhouse. There'd be no need for fatal beatings - this time.


Anonymous said...

Listen, last time he took three beans for a cow; I figure he'll hand over this grow op for six. Just let me do the negotiating.

But Nancy, these aren't beans, they're my sea monkeys, and I'm suooosed to have an arranged marriage with the monkey king's daughter.

Oh. I see. Well she's pretty hot for a brine shrimp. Plan's off gang; we've got nuptuals.

I don't--the doctor burned mine off with liquid nitrogen.

Anonymous said...

"The Cult of Janes is now in session, the Honorable Jane Q. presiding. First order of business...."

"Pssst. Who's the douch with the rod?"

"It's our new savior. Has everyone brought their cyanide? Time to meet our maker."

Jo said...

"Anyone seen a labrador? White stick just ain't cuttin' it".

"Yes, mate. Just worming him, then he's all yours".

Anonymous said...

"Oi's 'ere Miss Tabitha, and oive broght moi enormuz rod just like you arsked."
"Dash it all, Smith! If you're going to be servicing us gals for thruppence a time you're going to have to jolly well brush up on your English."
"Roight you are miss. So will you be needing these yere towels? I thought you moight be wantin them to dry off Tiddles the cat. Where is that little tinker?"
"Oh bloody hell! That's not what I meant when I said Miranda here has a wet.. *sigh* why bother..."

Anonymous said...

If you want me to help with your Guiness World Record attempt for the longest five-way then we're going to need this here rake.

Fuck off Jake you ain't cheating us out of this title again. Here take this Viagra.

Anonymous said...

Bertie's lucrative little sideline came to a sudden and painful end when Mr. Simpkins the vet found out who'd been selling his worming tablets to the girls as contraception.

RadBot said...

The girls all met in the green house to discuss why all these date rape pills were conveniently laying next to all of little Billy's favorite treats when suddenly Ted the farmhand bust through the door.
"What are you doing in here? Leave NOW!... Where do you think you're going Billy?"

Craig! said...

"Dammit! I told you kids to stay outta ma base! And stop killing ma d00dz!"