Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Game is a Foot

'...and the Lord said 'Let there be no light!'' In the darkness and confusion that followed, our plucky protagonist was able to escape from the clutches of the secular humanists to continue his investigation. Tune in next week for more adventures of Sherlock Jesus, Teen Detective!


ichi said...


Anonymous said...

(Boy with stick to man with eye-patch....)

'Hey, aren't you Willy the One-eyed Milkman?"
"According to your mum I am, boy."
'But why did she refer to you as her "GArbage-man Lover?"
"Ah that's because I once emptied my sack in her back passage."
"You sick fuck...."

Anonymous said...

And here we are at the final of the Bejing Olympics staring contest, and the tactics of the Chinese squad again leave the Olympic ideal in tatters. The Canadian bronze medalist can only look on with his remaining good eye with a feeling of Deja-Vu.

vincenzo said... is a glow-in-the-dark dildo. I got it in a box of Honey Combs. All you got to do it hold it under the light and it will glow green when we turn the lights off.

OK...just about ready. Everyone take off their pants and someone kill the lights and I will stuff this one up someones bumm. It will be great fun and we can see how far it goes!

Anonymous said...

How many dynamite salesmen does it take to extinguish a lightbulb?

Anonymous said...

"He can bend metal with his mind! It's a miracle!"

Smiling, Dave returned the warm bimetallic strip to his pocket, safe in his position as the cult's Chosen One.

Col Wilson said...

Thatt fucking twitch of yours is getting worse Nigel! Do you want everyone to end up with an eye-patch like Rodney for God's sake?

Anonymous said...

Arrgghh! It's a moth get it!

Reverend Frag said...

"Oh shit! Ed's pointin! Ed's straight up pointin' at shit! Yeah! Yeah!"

"Don't tell swimsuit eyepatch man..."

Unknown said...

This time i WILL have your other eye out Willy!

Anonymous said...

In an act of despriation, Harry Potter pulls fourth his wand in order to save Mr. Williams and his hair from eternal embrassment by turning off the electric lightbulb without moving from his posistion behind the transfigured desk/ferret.
Unfortunately, Mr. Potter forgot he was a moth and was instantly attracted to the light.